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When you think about working in France your thoughts are usually attached to the positive image of France as a travel desitination. The beautiful landscapes, the rich culture and the Frensh way of life make France a desirable destination. If you take up a work in France, you profit from numerous benefits, like the minimum wage, which was introduced in 1950 or the full-day child care service.

But there are still challenges and obstacles you have to face when you are interested in starting a job in France. The economic and financial crisis had a massive impact on the country. Consequently the unemployment rate increased and the French labour market was confronted with a negative development. Furthermore, good French language skills, an understanding of the French bureaucracy and intercultural competence are necessary to increase your chance to start working in France.

Eligible group

Workers in France from a non-EU country

If you want to work in France as a non-EU-citizen, you need a visa. A residence permit and work permit are mandatory then. It is recommended to apply for the French work permit in your home country, because the application process takes at least six to eight weeks. For more information, contact the French embassies in your home country.

Workers in France from an EU country

As an EU citizen, you may work in France at any time, provided that you have a valid ID card or passport. However, if you are working in France for more than three months, you should get a "Carte de séjour" (residence permit). You can apply for this in the city hall, the local police department or the administrative authority (Préfecture). The residence permit is no longer mandatory for you as an EU citizen, but it may be useful. It sometimes is required to open a bank account, for example.

Legal basics about health insurance for workers in France

The health insurance system in France is based on the principle of solidarity and it is mostly financed from social contributions on salary and income and from the General Social Contribution.

Particular professions in France are insured by special health insurances. This includes:

  • Artists
  • Traders
  • Farmers
  • Sailors

Self-employed persons in France have to be be secured via the RSI (Régime Sociale des Indépendants).

Unemployed persons and students in France are insured by the universal health insurance.

Insurance advice

Every country has its own health care system. On the basis of characteristics like your home country, the duration of your stay, the reason of your stay and the destination of your trip different needs for health insurance appear. Our organistion recommends Care Concept AG from Germany for health insurance solutions abroad. Click here for further informations about Care Concept AG.

As a foreign employee in France, you will be automatically insured through the public health insurance for the first three months. Afterwards, you can insure yourself if you are working at least 60 hours per month. Please take into account, however, that full cost reimbursement from the state health insurance is not usual. Only 70% of the out-patient and 80% of the in-patient costs are covered. Therefore, taking a private travel health insurance as additional insurance is recommended if you are staying for a limited time. We recommend an optimal insurance protection starting at 50.00 € per month. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

As a foreign self-employed person, you must insure yourself through the Régime Social des Indépendants. The RSI is otherwise similar to statutory health insurance in France. This means that the insurance will cover part of your health expenses. The insured person has to cover the rest. Taking out a travel health insurance is sensible here as well. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

As a temporarily seconded employee from an employer situated in a country France has a social insurance treaty with, you will be insured through the statutory health insurance in the home country. However, the benefits are also limited to the level of the statutory health insurance in France and you need to expect co-payments. We recommend adding a travel health insurance. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

As an employee temporarily seconded abroad by an employer from countries with which France has no social insurance treaty, temporary health insurance through Care Concept AG is recommended, since you will not be insured in the statutory health insurance in your home country. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

Persons working less than 60 hours per month are not insured in statutory health insurance. In light of this, taking out a foreign health insurance is urgently recommended. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

Persons from Germany and Austria can check out special health insurance solutions.

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