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Canada is the second largest country in the world and offers guests a fascinating range of attractive destinations. As as guest in Canada you can get lost in vibrant cities like Ontario or Vancouver, experience natural wonders like whale watching along the coast of Newfoundland or the polar lights in the Northwest Territories, benefit from breath-taking adventures like dogsledding in Yukon or skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of British Columbia. If you visit Canada as a guest you can enjoy the Canadian culture influenced by the British and the Frensh as well as the world famous friendliness of Canadian citizens.

It is no wonder that many visitors in Canada are getting interested in starting a job in Canada or becoming a student in Canada.


Eligible group

If you want to visit Canada as a guest there are two different authorizations you might need: a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Whether you need a visa for your visit in Canada or not depends on your citizenship. The Canadian gouvernment offers visa exempt for citizens of certain countries.

When you visit Canada as a visa-exempt foreign national you might need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The eTa is a requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals flying to or transiting through Canada. Visa-exempt foreigners entering Canada by car, train, bus or boat only need an acceptable identification like the passport.

You can check out online whether you need a visa or an eTA.

Legal basics about health insurance for guests in Canada

As a foreign guest in Canada you have to take out a travel insurance. Most Canadian insurance plans only have a limited cover. For instance drug treatment and medical transports are not covered.

Insurance advice

Every country has its own health care system. On the basis of characteristics like your home country, the duration of your stay, the reason of your stay and the destination of your trip different needs for health insurance appear. Our organistion recommends Care Concept AG from Germany for health insurance solutions abroad. Click here for further informations about Care Concept AG.

As a Guest in Canada you are not insured through the statutory health insurance in your home country. It is your duty to get a suitable health insurance to cover any medical costs incurred during your stay in Canada. For foreign guests in Canada we recommend the health insurance Care Discover.

Guests in Canada from an Germany and Austria

Guests in Canada from Germany and Austria can check out special health insurance solutions.

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