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I. Basis

The basis for the provisions of this Fees Policy is Article 6 of the Bylaws.

II. Principle of solidarity

The main basis for the financing of the Association is the fee income from its members, so the Association relies on all members meeting their fee obligations, which are governed in principle in the Bylaws, in full and on time. Only then can the Association perform its tasks and render its services to its members.

III. Adoption and announcement of resolutions

The members’ meeting therefore adopted the following Fees Policy on 22.02.2013.

IV. Provisions

The amount of the individual fees is set by the members’ meeting and applies to the future until 31.12. of the subsequent year.

If the members’ meeting does not adopt a new resolution, its validity is extended by one further year.

The amount of the individual fees can be found in Annex A to this Fees Policy.

Members must report any changes of address and bank accounts to the head office forthwith in writing. The Association may not suffer disadvantages if such changes are not reported.

Leaving the Association is possible only at the end of a year and must be declared in writing no later than one month beforehand. If that notice period is not complied with, the obligation to pay fees renews by one further year.

The Association’s fees are collected by direct debit based on a direct debit mandate. That mandate can be cancelled by the member at any time. The normal banking procedures apply.

Annex A to the Fees Policy

One distinguishes between 4 types of fee:

  1. 1. Annual fee for ordinary members: €50.00 payable on 01.01. of any year. 2. Base fee for passive members, regardless of reporting volume: €150.00 per annum due on 01.01. of any year. 3. Variable membership fee for passive members based on the expected annual reporting volume, due on 30.06. of the reporting year.
Reporting volume per year Annual fee
 250,– € up to 25.000,– €  250,– €
 25.001,– € up to 50.000,– €  500,– €
 50.001,– € up to 100.000,– €  750,– €
 from 100.001,– €  1.000,– €

4. Individual fee for sponsoring members.

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