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There are many options for improving one’s English. Working as an au pair in the USA is a perfect way to meet that goal. While being offered the warm hospitality of a host family, an au pair looks after the children of the family and manages a variety of household responsibilities. This, besides serving to improve one’s English, is an ideal opportunity for gaining a real sense of the „American Way of Life“.

An au pair stay in the USA may influence your future planning. You might want to start studying in the United States or to search for a job in the USA.

Eligible group

In order to be able to participate in an au pair program in the USA, the following conditions must be met:

  • Between 18 and 26 years of age.
  • Fluent in the English language.
  • Single, with no children.
  • Proof of completion of a vocational training program or proof of the completion of 12 years of schooling.
  • Over 200 hours of experience working in child care (required only when caring for children under 2 years old).
  • A Class B International Driving Permit.

Legal basics about health insurance for au pairs in the USA

To begin with, it is important to know that an au pair stay in the USA can and should only be coordinated through an officially recognized placement agency. The au pair contract with the host family should then be coordinated through one of the 15 licensed au pair agencies in the USA.

Here you can find a listing of all of these fully-licensed and authorized au pair agencies in the USA.

Rights and responsibilities for au pairs in areas such as professional training, work hours and pay, for example, are regulated by law in the USA. To arrange for a stay, a „J-1 Au Pair Visa“ (which can first be applied for only after placement with a host family) needs to be acquired. The J-1-Visa can be issued for a minimum of 12 months and can be extended for up to a maximum of 24 months if needed.

Here you can find additional information from the US Department of State.

If you come for an au pair stay to the USA you are not insured through the statutory health insurance in your home country. Au pairs in the USA are required to have insurance coverage. Normally, a recommended form of coverage is one that would be offered by the placement agency together in cooperation with the host family. Information about the scope of the insurance coverage offered can be obtained from your chosen agency.

Insurance advice

Every country has its own healthcare system. On the basis of characteristics like your home country, the duration of your stay, the reason of your stay and the destination of your trip different needs for health insurance appear. Our organistion recommends Care Concept AG from Germany for health insurance solutions abroad. Click here for further informations about Care Concept AG.

In general you will receive a recommended form of coverage that is offered by the placement agency together in cooperation with the host family. In terms of quality and affordability, however, international health insurance plans can be a better choice for Au-pairs in the USA. You can choose a travel insurance plan without a „maximum benefit limit“, while this limit can be found often in health insurance plans in the USA.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose an international health insurance plan that, for all intents and purposes, similarly fulfills all of the requirements of the American US State Department. Care Concept AG offers the product Care Discover as a full health insurance protection. This product starts at 1.39 € per day without deductible. Click here for more information about the health insurance Care Discover.

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