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Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany

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If you wish to study in Germany you will need health insurance coverage in order to enroll (register) in a German university. For this reason, it is highly recommended that, as soon as possible after your arrival, or in advance of your travel to Germany, you get health insurance coverage.

Many student unions offer a package of services for international students which include not only accommodation and meal vouchers, but also health insurance.

Eligible group

Persons eligible for coverage are students visiting from abroad who are registered in either a university or a school of applied sciences.

Legal basics about health insurance for students in Germany

As a registered student, you are categorically required to be insured, and you must, as a rule, be a part of the German statutory health insurance system. This applies to students under the age of 30 or until the 14th semester. Students aged 30 years old and older are not subject to the student state health insurance requirements and can choose to be covered under a private insurance plan.

In principle, it is possible to receive an exemption from the state health insurance requirement and choose private health insurance coverage instead. At first glance, this may seem like a cost-effective alternative - especially when it comes to travel health insurance. However, seeking an exemption is not recommended because returning to the statutory health insurance system would no longer be possible.

Students visiting from abroad may be insured for a maximum of 5 years under a travel health insurance plan (VVG § 195 Abs.3)

Lack of insurance coverage can lead to your being removed from the university registration rolls (exmatriculation). You can find further information here.

Insurance advice

Students can be covered by any statutory health insurance provider such as: AOK, TK, or DAK. The terms of insurance coverage and the premiums contributions for all of the statutory health insurance providers are set by the Ministry of Health. The monthly premium (DAK) for the year 2016 is € 69.97 for health insurance and € 14.03 for nursing care insurance (for students without children, from 23 years old € 15.52).

For persons who are not subject to the student state health insurance requirement, a number of plans from various private health insurance companies are available. We recommend the plans made especially for students offered by our partner, Care Concept AG. This specialist for student health insurance offers optimal insurance coverage starting at € 28 per month.

If you wish, you can get additional liability and accident insurance from Care Concept AG as well – the obtainment of which is also a good idea. Personal liability insurance offers protection from bodily injury, property damage, and deportation costs, while accident insurance protects against risks such as disability and death.

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